Roberta Michele



I’m Roberta Michele Quilico and I am the executive producer of “Birdsong”. I am so honored to have co-written all of the tracks on this album with my vocal students- except for “Rewind”, that I wrote by myself through the night in September of 2013. It’s the first recording I have done in many years and it features the incredible voice of Joshua Payne. Putting this album together from the first notes and lyrics to holding the final product in my hands was almost three years in the making, but my career in music is extensive. I’ve been singing professionally since I was seventeen years old. In my mid 20’s I was a recording artist for Sony Music Canada and a published songwriter. I founded The Bird Loft School of Voice, Oshawa, Ontario in 2010 because I’m passionate about helping singers of all ages find their true voice. And most of all, I am grateful that music is and always will be my work and life. I sincerely hope you enjoy the album, Birdsong.