Kenzie Craig



On the day 16-year-old Kenzie Craig of Oshawa, Ontario was born, she never uttered a sound for over 12 hrs…she must have been saving her voice for music. Growing up as ‘the little sister’ she always entertained her family by singing. Showing natural talent at a young age, people would often say she should pursue lessons. So, when Kenzie was twelve years old she took it upon herself to find Roberta Quilico at The Bird Loft school of Voice. Under her wing, she has strengthened her ability, gained overall confidence and learned to write her first song- the aptly named “Quietly”. Kenzie attends Courtice Secondary Highschool in grade 11. She has a cat she named Lyric. And she is still a very quiet Libra who just chooses to use her voice in unforgettable ways.