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BIRDSONG is a unique, multi-genre compilation of 15 original songs co-written and performed by promising young artists between the ages of ten and twenty three from across the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. The release date of the album was October 18, 2014 and was fully produced and mastered by gifted Northumberland producer Adam Newcomb at Newcomb Studios. This poignant collection of songs is a cohesive mix of Pop/Soul, Pop/Rock, Country and Alternative Pop/Rock. All artists are vocal students of The Bird Loft School Of Voice.



“Songwriting is something I am so passionate about teaching my students. Aside from being a vocal coach, I’ve been a professional writer for over 14 years and began working with my students on original songs a few years ago. All of a sudden I started to see this ‘body of work’ emerging! This is about more than just ‘singing’. Birdsong is about becoming an artist. I began to feel innately that their music needed it’s own valid platform. I am so proud to see this album realized and I sincerely hope you enjoy the music they worked hard to create.”


Roberta Michele Quilico
Birdsong Executive Producer/Writer
The Bird Loft School Of Voice Owner/Director

The Artists & Music

Introducing the official fifteen "Birdsong" artists who wrote and recorded individual tracks in various musical styles. They are all students of the Bird Loft School of Voice where all the songs for the album were created.

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